Working mirror 1xBet

Due to the Russian legislation peculiarities, the site of the company 1xBet is banned in Russia and blocked by Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.
But still, somehow players get to the site and let’s now figure it out how they do that?
Because of blocking of the primary domain, the bookmaker created a number of mirrors for the site, to which the site moves to remain accessible to the user.

Go to the mirror

Let’s try to explain to an inexperienced user what MIRROR is:

Mirror (eng. Mirror) – an exact copy of one server data to the other. On the Internet, an exact copy of another site is called the site mirror.
So the bookmaker copies the site to another domain that is not blocked yet so that users can access it from their home PCs or mobile devices without hindrance.

How to find 1x Bet mirror through search box?

There is another option for finding the site and its active mirror, when entering a vital query (company name) in any format in the search string, query examples: 1xbet, 1хбет, 1 х бет, 1чиуе, 1 xbet, 1 x bet, 1иксбет, 1 икс бет, xbet, хбет, 1 хбет, 1икс бет, 1x, 1x bet, 1ч бет, 1x бет – there is the site in the search.

If your provider does not comply with the instructions of Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, then it will be possible to open the site. If you use VPN, you will also succeed. If you suddenly get a message that the site is blocked, pay attention to the line title:

Search for current mirror through search results. Copy the address of the working mirror and go to it.

Or use the link below:

Go to the mirror

This way of searching for mirrors works in 2 popular search engines: Yandex and Google, and at the time of writing the article is relevant.

If you worry about your funds and accounts, do not worry, the database – the place where all your information is stored and won’t be lost when the site moves to another mirror. Your data will always be relevant and will never be lost.

Not working mirrors

Our editorial team tried to collect the mirror examples that were recently available from the bookmaker 1xBET:


For players there is always an alternative, the official bookmaker “1xStavka” in Russia, this site operates under license, this site is not threatened with blockages at the moment:

Go to 1xStavka

Due to the fact that changes to the law regarding the blocking of the site mirrors come into effect this fall 2017, the authorities will not need a court decision to do that now and everything might happen within a few days without preliminary notice.

The company has developed a number of applications for the convenience of its players in which the user can play without burdening himself with the search for working mirrors. These applications are available for download from the main page of the site.

More details on the page: Mobile apps.

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