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The 1xBet bookmaker has always been famous for its TOTALIZER. The fact is that on the website of the office there is not just one tote but six different ones. Let’s take a closer look at what totalizers are, what conditions for the game are put out by the bookmaker, where we can find the toto on the bookmaker’s website, how many outcomes of the proposed matches a player needs to guess in order to benefit.

We inform you that the bookmaker 1 x Bet is prohibited in Russia. It does not have a license to work in Russia, because of this, there may be problems with the availability of the site. To avoid this, use the current link below.

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Moreover, the company moved on and made one of them free. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail below.

What is TOTO?

Totalizer is a ready-made slip with a set of events, which the player can not affect; it means the player cannot delete or add an event in this slip, all he can do is to guess the outcome of this event of each of them. It should also be said that the number of events in the toto and the betting format on the event is regulated by the bookmaker himself. In 1 x Bet BM there are totalizers with a slip of 15 to 5 events and you need to guess both the winner and the exact score.

How to calculate the winnings in TOTO

A pool is formed of all sums of money put in the totalizer. It is distributed as follows: 90-95% goes to the distribution of the winnings, 10-5% is levied by BM as an organizer. The amount of winnings in the totalizer depends on the size of the game pool and the number of guessed results in the specific tote. Before choosing a tote, please read their rules, they are described below. If there are no more than 5 events in the draw, it is considered not played.


TOTALIZATOR 15-TOTOTOTALIZATOR 15-TOTO is a game in which the organizer (1xBet) accepts monetary bets from the participants on the basis of the rules for outcomes of the competitions presented by the tote, distributing the cash (pool) received in the form of bets between the winning participants according to the rules. In general, it is the usual tote, in which you need to guess the outcome of 15 sports events to receive jackpot and at least 9 events to receive a win.


1xTOTO1xtoto is a customary tote that consists of top sports events, there are only a couple of features. This totalizer of the bookmaker is completely free and consists not of usual 15 events, but of 12. The player needs to guess at least 8 events, for the guessed 8 events you can get bonus balls, which you can bet on sports events that are of interest to you later on.

TOTO «Correct score»

TOTO «Correct score»TOTO «Correct score» is a tote consisting of 8 matches with account options, where the player is proposed to bet on the results of matches. To make a bet, you must choose one result for each of the 8 events presented in the slip. A participant wins at bet if the results of 2 or more events are guessed in it. 95% of the prize fund is distributed between the winning participants.


TOTO-FootballTOTO-Football is a game where bets are made on 14 football matches selected by the company in the totalizator circulation. In this totalizer, the match has 3 outcomes, the victory of the first team, the victory of the second team or a draw. The minimum bet on the tote starts from 50 rubles, the prize pool is distributed among the winners.

TOTO Hockey

TOTO HockeyTOTO Hockey – this tote consists of 5 hockey matches where the player is invited to choose one result for each event, i.e. the bet is made on who wins and with what score. Bets are accepted only for regular time (OT and shootouts are not counted). The participant wins in the totalizer guessing from 2 results in the draw. The minimum betting threshold is 30 rubles. 95% of the prize fund is distributed between the winning participants.

TOTO «Basketball»

TOTO «Basketball»TOTO «Basketball» is a tote where participants are invited to make bets on basketball matches. Bets are accepted for fixed matches and only for regular time. The slip consists of 9 matches with variants of the outcome for each. The minimum bet in this totalizer is 30 rubles.

TOTO Cyber football

TOTO Cyber footballTOTO Cyber football is a tote of 15 events. The player chooses from the winning options of the first team, the second team or a draw. Bets from 9 guessed results win.

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