Sports betting in 1xBet

Every day, players of 1xBet betting company make bets on various sports, bets may be winning, may be not. But let’s see what opportunities for betting the bookmaker offers, how to bet on Line, how to bet in Live, whether there are any significant differences between these types of bets. Many people think that it’s difficult to make a bet on the bookmaker’s website, but in this article we will try to show that this is easier than it seems, the main thing is to understand on what and how much you have to put in order not go into negative.

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Line betting

Line – a list of events and their outcomes with the odds of winning offered by the bookmaker’s office for betting;

In other words, the bookmaker has a “wide line” of events. This is a series of events, to which the bookmaker provides his odds for concluding bets with its office. In the 1x BET line there is a huge number of events from the world of sports, rest assured that you will find an action line on all top and popular events.

Actually, there are a lot of events in the bookmaker’s line. There are also exclusive sports for the Russian-speaking population, such as rugby or surfing, there is a direction gaining increasing popularity – this is eSports. Even in such a young direction as eSports, the bookie worked for the maximum for its players, it can rightfully be considered the leader in this market. Fans of video games will easily find game bestsellers: CS: GO, Dota, world of tanks, Hearthstone, Trinity Series, League of Legends, World Championship, Worms and many more other games. Most events and games are held in real-time mode and bets are accepted on them as well. So you can put on the event right while watching the match. We will write about this just below.

How to bet on Line?

First, you should sign in on the site, then deposit the account if at the moment there are no funds, we have described how to make a deposit to ones account in the article, click on the link. In the upper navigation menu, there is a link to the “Line” section, we go, the line of events with an action line opens in front of us, as it looks like is shown in the screenshot above. All that is presented to the eyes of the player is not all the activities that are in the line at the bookmaker, to search for a particular match, you can use the search box on the site, the sorting by sports or simply go to the page of a specific championship.

We finally found an event of interest to us. The bet can be made in two ways, directly from the sports events catalog by clicking on the interesting result in the list, or directly from the sports event page. It is necessary to mention once again that the maximum auction line for the bet is presented directly on the event page.

We choose the outcome, which, we believe, should bring us win, the data are entered into the slip, where the player already makes the bet directly by processing it. When everything is filled, we press the button (Make a bet), when the bet is accepted, you get a slip of your bet, you can print it if you want.

Agree, the whole process of betting is pretty simple, you can bet in a few clicks. You can view all your bets, outcomes, whether the bet is calculated or not in your personal account.

Live Betting

Now let’s see what bets are in live. In fact, they are nothing more than bets in real-time mode, i.e. the match of your favorite team is already on, and the bookmaker accepts bets during this match. On the site 1 x Bet players have the opportunity to watch video broadcast of events.

This type of betting is extremely interesting, before you bet, you can estimate how vigorous team is today, in what composition the opponents are and other aspects for making a decision.

How to bet in LIVE?

The betting process in Live does not practically differ from betting in Line, except for a few moments:

  • In Live bets are not accepted not long before the end of the sporting event.
  • In course of the match, the odds may vary, so it’s worthwhile to be more careful.
  • During the sporting event in Live part of the action line may not be available for bets.

Advantages of bets in 1x BET

To the indisputable advantages of the bookmaker you can also refer:

Possibility of a minimum bet 10 rubles only;

  • A wide selection of football and hockey matches;
  • A large bookmaking action line for pre-match events before the game;
  • A player can bet through mobile applications from smartphones and tablets;
  • Online access to statistics and results of completed matches;
  • One hundred percent guarantee of payments;
  • Possibility to sell your bet;
  • Security and full confidentiality of information about the player’s winnings.

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