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How should we start this article, probably we should do that from the fact that 1xBET is one of the oldest bookmakers in Russia, generally working in different markets and serving players around the world. This company watches over its authority, Line and Live on sports cause our eyes to simply scatter from the abundance of sports events. The company is not stingy about its players – it is expressed in many ways, in particular, it is shown in the elaborated personal cabinet about which we will talk below.

First, to register or enter your personal account, you need to go to the site. With this, there may be problems, this bookmaker is banned in Russia and its site is blocked. But you can click on the link below:

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Registration and login to your personal account

And so, we have decided the problem with how to get to the site. How to register on the site and get into personal account we are to tackle now. You will not believe, but this process is as easy as pie, and it will take you no more than 10 seconds.

In the upper right corner of the site there is a green button “Registration”, press it:

The bookmaker gives its users 4 options for registration:

  • One-click
  • By phone number
  • By e-mail
  • Through Social networks and messengers

The fastest option is to register in 1 click. You just need to click the register button.

After registration, do not forget to save your login and password. And here BM 1xBET takes care of its players giving advice for an inexperienced user how to save it.

  • Save your login and password by copying or writing down in your notebook which will be displayed on the screen. The screenshot above shows how it looks.
  • You can specify an email address where registration data should be sent
  • There is also a very convenient way to save to a file
  • And finally, the last option is to save as a picture.

I think any user if he is an experienced PC user or not, will find a convenient way to save data for himself

After registration, the bookmaker offers a promotion to all players – 100% bonus on the first time deposit. More information about this promotion you can read in our article.

To ensure the security of your funds on the account and account data, tie it to your mobile phone number.

And at last the bookmaker will offer you to participate in the bonus program.

Do not worry, you can refuse or agree to this bonus upon registration. In the future, if you change your mind, you can change the settings in your account.

P.s. To participate in the company’s promotions, you must have the participation option included. Check the settings in your account in the “Account settings” section.

There we have registered in the personal account. Now let’s get acquainted with opportunities it provides for the player.

Personal Account 1xBET

What is there in the player personal account of BM1xBet? Everything is pretty simple and clear to anyone. The main screen is the configuration of the player’s personal data. We have described above that password is generated upon registration, right there you can change it to a more complex one for the security of your account.

P.S. Do not change the password to password that will be easier for you to enter, do not ever do that in the format of your date of birth or combinations with similar figures. Malefactors can take advantage of this and your earned and won money can be cashed out or spent knowingly on losing matches. That there would be no problems with the bookmaker, be responsible for the safety of your data and funds first and foremost yourself.

When you first log in to the Personal account, the system will prompt you to enter your email in order to be able to restore access to your account. Do not ignore this request, even if you communicate with technical support of BM, if you have not had any data filled, it is unlikely to prove that this is your account.

Consider the remaining sections of PA:


This is a section for players where they can exchange game items for real money. Items with a nominal value of more than 0.16 $ are available to deposit an account. In order to exchange your items, you will need to connect the support of the currency GameCoin.

Affiliate program

Bookmaker suggests you become a partner. Attract players to your network and get rewarded. You can get it from each level of the attracted user. Bonus is awarded for the lost funds by the network. in case of win you incur losses.


In this case, the title of the section speaks for itself. This is nothing more than a payment page, where any player can choose for himself a convenient way of replenishing funds. As for the methods of payment, there are enough of them:

I think any player will be able to choose a convenient variant for himself. In addition, there is a setting for the selection of deposit tools using geolocation determination. This setting is the default and payment systems are selected for the player in accordance with his geolocation determination. In fact, 1xBET provides more than 200 options of various global payment systems for all users.


One of the most important sections in the personal account for all players. And any site user can be secured, there are at least as many options to withdraw funds from the site as deposit options.

The point speaks for itself like previous ones. In this section, any player can see the whole story, where, on what and when the bet was made, if the bet is calculated or not. Here, statistics is available for every player whether the bet has won or not, as well as details with the date and time of the event:

Details can be viewed by individual dates, calculated bets, Line bets, Live bets, etc.

I’d like to mention one important point, the history of bets is available for maximum 31 days. If it’s important for you to keep your story, when, on whom you placed a bet, you can ask for a bet story that you will be sent to your email and store it there. It looks almost the same as in the personal account.

Transfer of funds to a friend

Few bookmakers can boast of such an option, but it deserves attention. In order to use it, you need to register a mobile phone in the main section of your personal account. After that, you will be able to enter a player, the transaction amount and confirm it by SMS.

History of transfers

Keep track of your expenses. This section will help you. All deposit and withdrawal transactions are displayed here.

Personal account setup

Here, players will find extensive settings to simplify everyday bets. In addition to customary user settings, in the form of subscriptions to promotions and mail outs, Bookmaker players are also encouraged to customize the Line and Live on the site, choosing the preferable events for themselves.

The last function that is available to the registered user through 1xBET personal account is a request to the administrator. Everything is very simple here, the user has a form where he can write a letter to the administration of the site to solve any problems.

I do not think that it’s worth writing through this form if you do not understand how this or that function works, contact the consultant in the right lower corner, the website has a shortcut for calling it.

And so, in this article, we reviewed the functionality of personal account of the site of the bookmaker office 1xBet. Register, win, enjoy the game.

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