How to withdraw money from 1xBET

Withdrawal of funds. This issue concerns each player no less than “how to win”. As for the possibilities of withdrawing funds,1xBet is definitely all right with that. You can play at your own leisure and then withdraw funds in any convenient way:

  • Bankcard
  • Electronic wallet
  • Cash
  • Cryptocurrency

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Let’s briefly see what options for withdrawal BM provides for each direction and analyze the most popular ones.

Any player can withdraw funds to cards “Mir”, “Maestro”, “Visa” and “MasterCard” – accordingly, to the card of any bank.

Well, and of course we cannot go without crypto currency. You can withdraw funds in cryptocurrency to your wallet at the current currency rate.

Let’s consider in more detail how to withdraw funds by  most popular ways.

Withdrawal of funds to bank card

First of all, log in to your personal account. How to register in the personal account, the whole description of its functionality, we gave in the article, read here.

After you have logged in, go to your personal account, to the “withdraw from the account” section, you will find it in the left navigation menu:

We select the necessary item – Withdrawal to Visa and MasterCard, a form opens to the user where it is necessary to specify the withdrawal amount and card number.

Please enter the data, click (confirm) and soon the funds will go to your card.

Withdrawal to QIWI electronic wallet

You should act by analogy with the previous paragraph, only now we select QIWI electronic wallets in the section for withdrawal.

Specify the desired amount available for withdrawal and your phone number. Let’s pay attention to the fact, that you should specify the phone number on which your wallet was registered.

Withdrawal of funds in cash

A very popular method, and for many people, it is the best. Especially for those who do not like to bother with electronic money, they like to withdraw money in cash. In order for you to get a successful bet in hand, you’ll have to walk to the nearest betting shop.

So, let’s follow the principle of the previous paragraphs, go to the “withdraw from the account” section, and choose the city where you are and the closest or more convenient betting shop.

All your transactions can be viewed in your personal account, at the top of the screen there is a drop-down list called “Withdrawal requests”.

I hope this article will be useful to you. Register, make successful bets, earn and enjoy the game.


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